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Photo of Laura Williams Dunlop after being named 2011 Summit County Veteran of the Year

The Summit County Stand Down was founded by our own Summit County Veteran, and Ohio Veterans Hall of Fame alumni, Laura Williams Dunlop in 2005.  Laura insisted, she didn’t start this alone, but we believe that those who knew Laura for years, knew that she was a great leader and inspiration to many Veterans initiatives; leaving behind a very positive legacy.

Thank you for making our 18th Annual Event in 2023, a Success!

Here’s a testimonial from one Veteran

From Homeless Veteran to Veteran Volunteer

September 10, 2019: “Hello, My name is John. My story is like many of my brethren. I am a Veteran of the U.S. Army. I saw deployments while I was in. When my E.T.S. was up, instead of going home to my family, I went to the streets of Akron, Ohio. There I lived, for three years. I would send letters to tell my family I was alright, but I was not. Then, I met a fellow Vet who told me about the Summit County Stand Down and how it helps homeless Vets get help they need. I came to the program and found the help I needed. Now, five years later, I am back with my family, and now this year, I am helping the same group that helped me, but now as a 1st year shepherd.”

Laura's Next Stand Down is being conducted on 10 September 2024!

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Sadly, Laura passed away in 2015 after a brief illness and we conducted our first Stand Down without her in September 2015.

Because of the outpouring of love for this inspirational leader and highly-admired Veteran, we have named the official website for the Summit County Stand Down, "Laura's Stand Down", so that we remember her philosophy to provide Veterans the community resources and support without judgment, and with love and compassion.  She believed these services are offered as a "hand-up, not a hand-out"!

Here is a snapshot of Laura's vast experience in supporting Veterans and the community.

Laura Williams Dunlop's Pedigree

  • Founder, Summit County Stand Down for Homeless Veterans
  • Summit County Veterans Service Commissioner
  • Mobile Meals Program Director
  • President, Governor's Advisory Committee on Women Veterans
  • Member of Summit County Older Adults Coordinating Council
  • Northeast Ohio Coalition for National Health Care
  • Board Member Community Aids Network
  • National Citation for Meritorious Service, American Legion Post 19
  • Commander and Adjutant American Legion Post 19, 1984 and 1989
  • Buckeye Boys State Chair
  • Member of the Women's Army Corps Veterans Association
  • United States Department of Veterans Affairs Community Based Outpatient Clinic Volunteer
  • A.R. member of Old Northwest Chapter # 564
  • A.R. VAVS Deputy Brecksville VA and D.A.R. State Vice-Chairman for Women's Veterans

The Summit County Stand Down was the first of ONLY two Ohio-based stand downs exclusively conducted for veterans and provides no-cost, confidential services through a collaborative partnership involving more than 30 veterans groups and governmental agencies to the homeless or displaced veterans of Summit County before the winter months.

Our annual event is registered with the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans.

If you're considering a volunteer opportunity in Summit County, that has a direct impact on serving homeless or displaced veterans, there is probably no better, single event to be associated.